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Your stay in the heart of Occitania
Take a break in Lautrec


In the heart of Occitanie

Lautrec is a charming medieval village of about 1,700 inhabitants, designated as one of the Most Beautiful Villages in France. It’s located in the heart of southwestern France, in the unspoilt deparment known as the Tarn.

It’s a perfect spot for a weekend getaway (or longer) with loved ones, family and friends. Both our accommodations have four-star ratings.

Lautrec is world-famous for its pink garlic– so special it has its own appellation controlee (French Label Rouge and European Label IGP)!

The village is the ideal starting point for exploring the Tarn and its diverse landscapes, UNESCO World Heritage sites, bastide villages and unique geological sites in the Sidobre and Black Mountains. The history of the pastel dye that once provided the wealth of th region is kept alive [celebrated in place of “kept alive”—more colorful and fun word], as is the story of the wool trade in Mazamet  and leather in Graulhet.

Lautrec is a lively village, with many restaurants and cafés. Cafe Plum offers relaxed entertainment every night in summer, often outside in the pleasant courtyard.

We suggest two possibilities for your stay: à la Campagne [countryside] or Au Village [village]

Both the apartment and the house are available to rent for short-term lets year round.

Two locations...

Au village

Temps de Pause is a totally independent 180m2 apartment in the heart of the medieval village of Lautrec, which can accommodate up to 4 people.


In the countryside

Temps de Pause à la Campagne, is a totally independent house of 170m2, accommodating 4 people (in two bedrooms) with a spacious terrace overlooking the breathtaking Lautrec countryside. The three-hectare garden is shared only with us.

About us

Originally from Brittany, we moved to the Southwest of France in 1994 for professional reasons. We have been welcoming guests to the apartment in the village of Lautrec since 2002. In July 2023 we opened a second accommodation in the countryside, Temps de Pause à la Campagne, after our four children had grown up and left the nest.

Hospitality is our specialty. I make a point of being  available to our guests throughout their stay should they desire any assistance. (I speak English and can help with any arrangements that require French.)

One of our passions is photography, and you’ll find plenty of samples on the walls of our two guest quarters.